Where’s Walt-o?

The problem when you start working as a content creator online is you get fans. Yeah, I said problem. Why a problem? Well, when you have things come up in your life, you tend to slow down the amount of interaction you offer the intertubes but folks are used to whatever you were putting out earlier.

I was, with the help of my friend Zac Ashmore, cranking out at least 4 podcast episodes a week along with a ton of articles on DDO Source… this was before I got a job with a company in Redmond, Washington. I tried to maintain a good amount of participation online, but I have to perform well at work and my family certainly has to be paramount in my life, so I have to limit how much of a presence I maintain online. I also need my downtime, of course.

With this and everything else that’s going on in my life, I’m extremely limited in how often I can release podcasts. Here’s the thing that eats away at me: I have literally like 40 episodes that just need some light editing or music thrown in and I can release them. Remember Kore Groove? I have like 3 of ‘em ready to go. Kore Commentary? About 20. Seriously. I have 5-10 Kore News episodes and at least 2 Kore Philosophy shows. Seriously. I don’t have time with all that’s going on in my life to handle this workload. If someone is willing to lend a hand with a few of these editing tasks, I’d be willing to talk.

In the meantime, I still have a couple projects that I’m more or less active in, the newest of which is Review Groove which podcast-fan-turned-friend Anthony Fincher is working on with me. I do intend to podcast again in the future. I hope I’ll be active before the end of 2013 (yeah, seriously, not a mistype), but I have several personal things that need to be achieved before this can happen. With Dead Wigger Storage and Job Well DumB, I can at least futurepost (do all the work ahead of time and let it trickle out according to whatever schedule I assign) and still have fresh content daily. Review Groove will only see reviews posted as we feel like it and if we overlap on a certain product or service, we may do a quick podcast-esque discussion on it.

Aside from this limited interaction online and the occasional podcast episode that’ll trickle out due to the persistence of the beautiful and talented Emy Mellish, my focus will be on personal life for a bit. My ultimate plans for my life will place me as a media personality for a comedy news/talk show (think Jon Stewart), so don’t think I’m abandoning broadcasting. If everything happens the way I hope, I’ll actually have a video studio set up by 2013 and will have at least weekly episodes out of something. Otherwise, I’ll be focusing on my career and fam.

Thanks in advance for your understanding. Stay awesome.

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